Audio Production and Post-production

Established in Montreal since 2005, Expaz and its highly skilled team offer everything needed under one roof regarding audio production and audio post-production including:

MixMasteringMix & Mastering
Location soundVoice over recording, ADRMusic recordingLocation and Studio Recording
ScoringInterpretationMusic MixMusic Composition and Production
Sound design, foleySoud repairSound Design / Foley

Expaz collaborates on musical and audio-visual projects.

gémeaux2016 : Guy Dubuisson is nominated for Best Sound: humor, variety and all categories at the 31st Gémeaux Awards for his mix work on the TV show Popdejam.

cubadisco2012 : Guy Dubuisson reamps, mixes and masters the album La Hora de la Verdad of the Cuban group Escape, which won the prize for Best Metal Album at the Cubadisco 2012 International Music Fair.

goldrec2011 : Ian Kelly's album Speak Your Mind, on which Guy Dubuisson is credited for additionnal engineering, is certified Gold record in Canada.

laurier2009 : The short film Terre des Hommes, where Expaz scored and produced the original music, wins the Public Choice Award at the Aubagne International Film Festival in France.


Mix / Mastering

Either for television, musical or web projects, our team of experts is here to deliver mixes and masters that meet the standards of the different mediums, both artistically and technically.

Sound recording

Expaz has the expertise and equipment for location sound recording and studio recording of VO, ADR or of a musical ensemble. Our studio has a dedicated live room of 7440 cubic feet for recording as well as proximity recording facilities. The live room is adjacent to our windowed 3720 cubic feet control room.


Working with several composers and musicians, Expaz has been producing original music for over a decade in various areas: commercials, television projects, documentaries, short films, theatre as well as web and corporate projects. Collaborations with various renowned artists have allowed Expaz to offer songs and recordings of the highest quality.

Sound design / restoration

Sound design and sound effects are important elements of any production. Creating and mixing sound effects and ambient sounds in order to create a mood is a creative process that our team is devoted to.

Life's mishaps during production or recording sessions often render sound unusable, thus requiring audio restoration. Expaz has developed an expertise in this area, both for the production and forensic/legal.


Offering this proven package for the past 5 years, the 360° support of a project allows a single point of contact for all the needs for sound and music production. This support enables a better integration between sound and image as well as a great overall cost reduction.

Our studio is also available for shooting interviews and small to medium sized topics, offering the best possible sound quality while accommodating your clients and your team. For larger shoots, the Photo/Video Shoot Studios in ShowMedia (55'x35'x16'), cyclorama of 20'x20'x16', green screen, lighting grid and makeup room) is available right next to our facilities.


 Our fully equipped studio has a dedicated recording room of 7440 cubed feet (31'x 24' x 10') adjacent to our control room of 3720 cubed feet (31' x 12' x 10'). The two rooms are divided by a glass window. The main audio platform is Pro Tools

A nice relaxing area with a kitchen, lounge and a pool table helps make your experience the most pleasant.

 Expaz is located in the building of ShowMedia studios, 5 minutes from downtown Montreal and right next to the Jacques Cartier Bridge. Ample free parking is also available.

Photos (except 9 & 10): Martin Girard, Shoot Sutdio


31st Gémeaux (2016)


Sur les traces du docteur Julien

31st Gémeaux (2016)


21 jours

30st Gémeaux (2015)



6 awards and 10 nominations


Philippe B - Calorifère

ADISQ Gala (2014)


ONF Mythes 2.0

Prix Boomerang 2013


Ian Kelly - Diamonds & Plastic

ADISQ Gala (2012)


Escape - La Hora de la Verdad

Cubadisco 2012 International Music Fair


Parkinson le fait danser

FIPA Biarritz 2011


Terre d'échange

25st Gémeaux (2010)


Ian Kelly - Speak Your Mind

CRIA Gold certification, 40 000 units sold (March 2011)

ADISQ Gala (2009)


Terre des hommes

Aubagne International Film Festival2009

Genie Awards 2010

  Selected projects

  • PopdejamPopdejamprixAdditional location soundSoud repairMixMasteringPlaywww
  • Sur les traces du docteur JulienSur les traces du docteur JulienprixScoringMusic MixSound design, foleySoud repairMixMasteringwww
  • 21 jours21 joursprixScoringPlaywww
  • ADISQ 2015 : Capsules Louis-José HoudeADISQ 2015 : Capsules Louis-José HoudeMixMasteringPlaywww
  • Seins à louerSeins à louerScoringInterpretationMusic recordingMusic MixMasteringPlaywww
  • 25stanley et Beatrice Bouchard débarquent chez Subway!25stanley et Beatrice Bouchard débarquent chez Subway!Location soundMixMasteringPlay
  • 51 malecón51 malecónScoringSound design, foleywww
  • CSN : Refusons l’austéritéCSN : Refusons l’austéritéAudio, prod & post 360Play
  • Des hommes des chevaux et du ca$hDes hommes des chevaux et du ca$hScoringSound design, foleySoud repairMixMasteringwww
  • Philippe B: CalorifèrePhilippe B: CalorifèreprixSound design, foleyPlay
  • ONF Mythes 2.0 ONF Mythes 2.0 prixAudio, prod & post 360Playwww
  • Ian Kelly Live - All These Lines LiveIan Kelly Live - All These Lines LiveMusic recordingPlaywww
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